About us

Morskate started as a machine factory but in the past 50 years we have developed into a specialist in drive technology. We do not build machines anymore. But the reason for our existence has not changed, we are still driven by technology.

Driven by technology

In the more than 50 years of our existence, Morskate has built up an intriguing network of suppliers. These regular partners ensure that we deliver high quality products quickly and exclusively. We have become specialists in driving technology with our experience and knowledge. Of course, we have a wide range of components and products that are used in the drive and transport technology. Many of these products are available from stock, ensuring quick delivery to service and maintenance companies. That is the basis for good cooperation for us.

Specialists in drive technology

Our added value is in our knowledge and expertise. We are both technical and product specialists and therefore can be a perfect conversation partner. When it comes to driving technology, our supply of products is enormous. We will be happy to assist you in making the best choice.

For example, on this website you will find an overview of various A brands that we usually cooperate with. And our product offerings are diverse and very extensive. But those brands and products are just a selection of the almost endless offer in the drive technology. In practice, we find that the huge supply can make it difficult for our customers to make the right choice. We have therefore made the conscious choice not to put everything on our website.

Because the sales engineers at Morskate are technical specialists and regularly follow product training, we are always able to assist you. Did you encounter a challenge? We will advise you on the possibilities and give you insight into the costs and technical possibilities.

Distinctive via customized work

Everything is possible if you think about it together. And therefore we always look beyond the standard range of suppliers or products. Product customization is never a problem, we will get it together. And that is the reason we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We deliver customized products regardless of the numbers. For example, tires or chains that we customize or modules where the tooth is extra small. We think of creative solutions for challenging problems. This leads to smart and practical solutions for you.


We are active in several sectors:

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Machinery Industry (OEM)
  • Shipbuilding & Offshore
  • Service & Maintenance (MRO)
  • Food
  • Agricultural sector
  • Paper
  • Chemical industry
  • Packaging

"We help you in making the right choice"

Our experience teaches us that we are of added value when it comes to drive technology. You get along much more by working together. This makes it easier for you and you are sure. Do you have a challenge? Ask your question. Our specialized sales engineers are happy to assist you.