KTR couplings

If you are in desperate need of quality products such as KTR couplings, you should give us a call. We are the largest KTR distributor in the Netherlands. You will find the largest selection KTR couplings and other products standardly available in our stockpile.

We have been a KTR distributor for years

Morskate distributes the products of KTR since 1983 in the Netherlands. Among these products are the following:

Other options available in our stockpile are things needed for hydraulics and oilcoolers.  KTR products represent quality and durability. KTR sets high standards for innovation and tests all her products in detail. The strength of KTR couplings and other products lies in the more customized solutions where a standard version does not satisfy.

If you are looking for a KTR product, you came to the right place. For questions you can turn to our sales engineers. Please contact us and request our specialized KTR engineers for more information and the latest catalogue.