Morskate Drives

Morskate proudly presents her own developed product: our monitoring system The Beegle. The Beegle has been designed for a wide range of applications and is now used in the automotive, offshore, waste, diesel generators, car washes and breweries.

The costs and collateral damage of machine problems can be significant. That's why you invest in preventive maintenance and replacement of parts. But the costs go up, and 100% control in your machine is still not an option. You respond by building a safety margin so that at least the machine will stop at a certain point. But is the component really broken or it is something else that let you down? What precedes the stoppage of a machine? Understanding the behavior of a component is needed for the  REAL control you want.

Applications for the Beegle

The Beegle is designed for a wide range of m2m applications and therefore very versatile. This could include, inter alia:

  • Chains and bearings
  • The composition of the liquid and fats
  • the humidity
  • Temperature
  • Condition of electric motors
  • Backlash and distance
  • The supply of general management information such as numbers and counters

The Beegle Suitcase

To make the use of the Beegle even easier, we have developed our own Beegle suitcase. This includes our whole system compactly stowed away and ready to use.

Please contact our sales engineers if you want to know more about our self-developed monitoringsytem. They are happy to help or advice you.