Machine to machine refers to the direct communication between different devices via a communication channel which can be both by cable and wireless. M2M could contain industrial information regarding a machine like a temperature and wear.

At Morskate we stay up to date regarding this innovation and we have been developing our own M2M product: The Beegle. The Beegle is a simple and universally applicable monitoring system for parts in machines. The Beegle gives you 24/7 insight into abnormalities and conspicuous behaviour of parts. When there is a deviation from the set intervention levels, you get instantly notified by email and/or  SMS. You can thus quickly intervene. The Beegle can, therefore, prevent downtime and unnecessary preventive part replacement.

It’s simple

We can place brand-independent sensors whereby each component is suitable for our system. It not only sounds very simple; it is very simple! We place the Beegle effortlessly into every machine you have and you decide what you want to measure. You can start with one or two measurements. There is always a possibility to expand those measurements. This distinguishes the Beegle from all the control systems that are now available on the market.

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