Special chains

Special chains

Transport chains are available in all types and sizes and can be used for various purposes. We offer a wide range of transport chains. In addition, we also offer special chains. These chains are customized to fit your specific needs.

The transport chain is standardized but by adding attachments, hooks, holes and pins each chain is unique. This addition to our range of existing transport chains allows us to design a chain for every application.

Here is a list of applications:

  • Dairy, beverage, bakeries, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit.
  • Sawing and planing machines for wood.
  • Packaging machines for all kinds of packaging, packing in carton boxes, case packers.
  • Automobile industry, engines, car pushers, automotive.
  • Aerial platforms, cranes, forklifts.
  • For transportation of cylindrical products such as cigars, pins, pens.

The PDF provides an overview of the various options. Here you will find a range of chains and accessories. Do you need a special chain? Please contact Roel Herink. He is a specialist in technology and products for transport chains and belt conveyors.


  • Customised solutions for all specific applications are available
  • Designed for most standard transport chains
  • Good quality/price ratio

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