Internal freewheels type FN

Internal freewheels type FN

For application as backstop in installations with high speeds in freewheeling operation and as overrunning clutch in installations with low speeds in driving operation.

  • Backstop
  • Overrunning Clutch
  • Indexing freewheel
  • Internal Freewheels FN are roller freewheels ­with­out bearing support.
  • The freewheel is built into the customer ­housing. This makes compact, space-saving ­fitting solutions possible.
  • Nominal torques up to 3 000 Nm. The faces of both sides of the outer ring are provided with grooves for torque transmission.
  • Bores up to 60 mm.

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  • With rollers
  • For keyway connection on the outer ring
  • High quality
  • Available from stock

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