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Extensive range overload clutches

Morskate provides a wide range of torque limiters and overload clutches for many different users. If a machine blocks, depending on the inertia and stiffness of this machine, significant structural damage may occur to the machine. Optimally installed torque limiters provide a solution to these issues. 

Standard designs have very low delivery time and can be provided with, among other things, specific bores. The way a torque limiter operates can vary greatly, and the accuracy of boundaries is not always the same. Often, the most simple way of connecting with a break-pin coupler such as Pencoflex or Revolex, however, is a slip coupling more accurate. Many ordered torque limiters include the Ruflex and the Rexnord Autogard 200, 320, 400, 600 and 800 series.

Other products than torque limiters

Wij leveren niet alleen koppelbegrenzers, maar ook vele andere producten om een aandrijving met optimaal rendement te realiseren. Denk hierbij aan producten als transportcomponentenstelvoeten en ons eigen monitoringsysteem de Beegle. Mocht je het product wat je zoekt niet kunnen vinden of heb je advies nodig, neem dan contact op met een van onze sales engineers.

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