Rexnord Omega elastic coupling

Rexnord Omega elastic coupling

The Rexnord Omega consists of two parts making it possible to easily replace this without changing the position of the hubs on the axle. Although the Omega link is not specifically designed for it, the element could act as a torque limiter. When the maximum torque is exceeded, the element will function as a fuse in case of blockage or overload. The link is not free-throw. The coupling is available with HTL taperbush terminal box hubs.

  • Standard version: Application range for couples from 22 to 38400 Nm
  • Spacer version: application range for couples from 22 to 4460 Nm
  • Building sizes / types: E2, E3, E4, E5, E10, E20 E30 E40, E50, E60, E70, E80, E100, E120, E140, ES2, ES3, ES4, ES5, ES10, ES20 ES30 ES40, ES50, ES60, ES70, ES80, ES100, ES120, ES140

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  • High elasticity using polyurethane
  • Standard / Spacer version
  • Various building sizes
  • Available from stock
  • Brands: Rexnord

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