Type HA high speed standard extensible transmission

Type HA high speed standard extensible transmission 

The Mario Ferri Universal Joint H program is provided with needle roller bearings.  These These joints are also called roller bearings roller bearing are available in 2 versions:

  • H version to DIN 808
  • HB version to DIN 808/7551

They all consist of a star wheel core and 2 half-joints with fork ends. Between the pins of the star wheel and the holes of the forks, roller bearings are fitted in. For high speeds and relatively low torques types with roller bearings (H - HB) are recommended. 

Available in 2 variants. Technical specifications can be found in the PDF on this page.

Other features of these H serie plain bearings

  • High efficiency
  • Silent running
  • Low friction coefficient 
  • All rubbing surfaces are hardened and ground. 
  • Maximum working angle is 45° for single joints and 90° for double joints. 
  • Maximum speed is 4000 R.P.M. for H series

All stress and wear-resistant parts are made of nickel-plated alloy steel, cemented and hardened. The inside of the joint's vein is of a good working steel. In addition, a stainless steel series is available. 

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  • High quality
  • Suitable for speeds up to 4000 rpm
  • Stress and wear resistant material
  • Available from stock

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