Spur gear

Spur gear

These Sati spur gears are rotating toothpick or construction parts that connect with another toothed part to transfer a torque. Gears can also be used in conjunction with a non-rotating tooth section such as a rack. This makes it possible to move the rack or gear in a longitudinal direction. They are often used to change speeds, torque and direction of a power source.

Different teeth numbers are available for every pitch. Furthermore, in order to meet all customers’ requirements, various materials (steel C45 E UNI EN 10083-1 and stainless steel AISI 304) are available. Surface treatments such as hardened teeth(45-55 HRC) can be also carried out for a better wear resistance of the product. Sati has passed all tests laid down by ISO 9001 and all the products are according to din regulations, such as  DIN 8187; DIN 8188; ISO/R 606 and ANSI B 29.1. Here following the complete range of sprockets and platewheels divided by different pitch.

  • 5×2,5 mm (ISO 03-1)
  • 6×2,8 mm (ISO 04-1)
  • 1/4″x1/8” (ASA 25-1)
  • 8×3 mm (ISO 05B-1; 05B-2)
  • 3/8”x7/16” (ISO 06B-1; 06B-2; 06B-3)
  • 1/2″x1/8” (ISO 081-1)
  • 1/2″x3/16” (ISO 083-1; ISO 084-1)
  • 1/2″x1/4” (ISO 085-1) roller Ø7,75 and 8,51
  • 1/2″x5/16” (ISO 08B-1; ISO 08B-2; ISO 08B-3)
  • 5/8”x3/8” (ISO 10B-1; 10B-2; 10B-3)
  • 3/4″x7/16” (ISO 12B1; 12B2; 12B-3)
  • 1”x17,02 mm (ISO 16B-1; 16B-2; 16B-3)
  • 1”1/4×3/4” (ISO 20B-1; 20B-2; 20B-3)
  • 1”1/2×1” (ISO 24B-1; 24B-2; 24B-3)
  • 1”3/4×1”1/4 (ISO 28B-1; 28B-2; 28B-3)
  • 2”x1”1/4 (ISO 32B-1; 32B-2; 32B-3)
  • 3/8”x3/16” (ASA 35-1; ASA 35-2; ASA 35-3)
  • 1/2″x5/16” (ASA 40-1; ASA 40-2; ASA 40-3)
  • 5/8”x3/8” (ASA 50-1; ASA 50-2; ASA 50-3)
  • 3/4″x1/2” (ASA 60-1; ASA 60-2; ASA 60-3)
  • 1”x5/8” (ASA 80-1; ASA 80-2; ASA 80-3)
  • 1”1/4×3/4” (ASA 100-1; ASA 100-2; ASA 100-3)
  • 1”1/2×1” (ASA 120-1; ASA 120-2; ASA 120-3)
  • 1”3/4×1”1/4 (ASA 140-1; ASA 140-2; ASA 140-3)
  • 2”x1”1/4 (ASA 160-1; ASA 160-2; ASA 160-3)

Due to our large assortment, there is almost always a product that is suitable for your applications. We not only supply drive components, but also all the other products needed to achieve an optimal process. In our stockpile we have, for example, various types of transport componentshydraulic componentsoil coolers and our own monitoring system the Beegle. Do you want to know more about a product or do you have a question? Our specialized sales engineers will be happy to assist you in finding the best product needed for you technical challenge. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or seek information. 

  • Wide offer
  • High quality
  • Various types
  • Sufficient stock available at the factory
  • Brands: Sati

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