Damping rods

Damping rods

Dampings rods have been developed to reduce both noice levels, aswell as vibration s. Well-damping natural rubber (NBR) is vulcanized with steel rods to produce these damping rods. 

  • No metallic connection from installation to substructure
  • Available from stock for all IEC engines up to size 315S (DSM)
  • Available from stock for all KTR foot flanges (DSFL/DSFS)
  • Available from stock for bellhousings with integrated oil cooler (DSK)
  • Suitable for electric motors according to NEMA
  • Special lengths and designs on request
  • All damping rods are suitable for normal motor / pump combinations

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  • Excellent damping qualities
  • Reducing vibrations
  • Simple assembly
  • Available from stock
  • Brands: KTR

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