Hydraulic Brake Caliper DU 060 FHM

Hydraulic Brake Caliper DU 060 FHM

Wherever there is acceleration, there must also be braking. Highly wear-resistant friction material and large braking surfaces ensure long intervals between maintenance. 

  • Mounting to the machine can be made either parallel or at right angles to the brake disc
  • Frame size 060  
  • Spring activated              
  • Pneumatically released  
  • Manual adjustment to accommodate friction block wear              
  • Pressure piston 340, 350, 360 or 370 are available for selection
  • Thruster mounted right or left available 
  • Thickness of brake disc 25 or 40 mm

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  • Minimal installation space
  • High torque stability
  • Ideal heat dissipation
  • Easy and uncomplicated maintenance
  • Available from stock

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