Martin Levelling foot Stainless Steel/Grey/Polyamide/Rubber

Martin Levelling foot Stainless Steel/Grey/Polyamide/Rubber

Teknofix and Teknofix CNC are a series of specific products studied for Machine Tools and Robots. Its technical characteristics such as thin pitch thread and the bolting down option makes it the ideal solution to be used in conjunction with these applications. Various applications in which TeknoClean adjustable feet can be used are:CNC, automotive, conveyors, lathe, milling, turneries, etc

  • Easily compilation of machine frames
  • Applied to machines in the food sector
  • Meets the highest standards in the food industry
  • Applicable in many setup options
  • PA6 feet
  • Stainless steel
  • The threaded spindle is attached to the foot and is adjustable 4 degrees
  • Base plate made of rubber is provided on the underside in order to be able to absorb vibrations
  • Through the rubber base plate, this levelling foot has a function as a non-slip

We not only supply levelling feet, but also all the other products needed to achieve an optimal process. In our stockpile we have, for example, various types of drive technology and transport componentshydraulic componentsoil coolers and our own monitoring system the Beegle. Do you want to know more about a product or do you have a question? Our specialized sales engineers will be happy to assist you in finding the best product needed for you technical challenge. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or seek information. 

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