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Downtime of a machine is something you would want to avoid. The costs and additional damages may increase. Therefore, you invest in maintenance and preventive replacement of parts. But these costs also run out, and you do not have real control. Why and when exactly do you need to replace a part? Insight into the behavior of a component is required for real control and giving you inisight into you machine is exactly what the Beegle does.
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The Beegle is a simple and universally applicable monitoring system, which works according to the principle of M2M. The Beegle distinguishes itself from all of the other control systems currently on the market by its simple representation of data. Because the Beegle measures 24/7, you will no longer be dependent on periodic measurements. The risk of these periodic measurements is that the chance of missing critical failures which can cause defects, is present. A single gear not working as it should be, can instantly cost money, orders and maybe even customers.

You will receive a notification of a deviation from the the standard via My Beegle. This standard is set in consultation with you as a customer. Upon receiving such a notification, you will have the possibility to replace a component that is about to break down. You only have to receive a part when is it is necessary, and can save money on periodic measurements. Control systems are often complex and brand-dependent, but we can place brand-independent sensors because all components are suitable for the Beegle. It does not only simple sound simple; is it simple.

Benefits of the Beegle monitoringsystem

  • 24/7 insight into the performance of your machines and devices
  • The Beegle offers you the possibility to respnd immediately to deviations from the norm
  • Downtime is minimized
  • You save money because parts do not have to be replaced unnecessary
  • No waste of time, energy and manpower

We not only supply our own product the Beegle, but also all the other components needed to achieve an optimal proces. For example, various types of drive technology and transport components, electric motors and stepping motors. Do you want to know more about the product or do you have a question? Our specialized sales engineers will be happy to assist you in finding the best product needed for you technical challenge. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or seek information.

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