Plate heat exchanger / Plate cooler

Plate heat exchanger / Plate cooler

A plate changer also called a plate heat exchanger or plate cooler is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates to realize heat transfer between two liquids. This has an important advantage over conventional heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers have become commonplace and can be found in many applications, including millions of combi kettles.

  • Unique construction
  • Inlet and outlet connections are axially aligned.
  • This means that they can be installed directly in the pipeline without any change of direction.
  • Not only suitable for cooling liquids but also for heating.
  • Used in many industries, including the chemical industry, food industry and shipping industry.
  • High Quality
  • Available in different sizes.

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  • Extremely durable
  • Effective temperature transfer
  • High efficiency
  • Available from stock
  • Brands: EJ Bowman

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